WAIT (Washington Aids International Teens)


Kate became really serious about saving the young generation – especially since her children had lost several of their friends to drugs, alcohol, and HIV/AIDS. From her own experience, she knew that this didn’t have to be. While in tears over the lost young generation Kate was inspired to quit her well-paid job... and, in 2002, she founded the WAIT Team


WAIT expanded nationwide in over 12 US states, ... and, it went worldwide.

Belize ~ Czech Republic ~ Japan ~ Kenya ~ Lesotho ~ South Africa ~ Switzerland ~ UK ~ Etc.


In 2004, through 34 performances and classes, the Ohio WAIT Team brought the WAIT message to health fairs, schools, and churches around the city of Columbus – touching the life of over 2200 young people in just one year. In 2008, WAIT Ohio was chosen as one of the 19 finalists for the Jefferson Awards for its outstanding community service.

What middle-school children wrote:


  • I think the WAIT program was fun and it changed my perspective on having sex .  Grade 7 - Boy

  • I think the WAIT program is good because they are saving people's lives.   Grade 7 - Girl

  • I think it's educational. It helps people decide to be abstinent.          Grade 6 - Boy

  • Cool!  Important. Spirited for the right thing.     Grade 6

  • It is good program for kids to help them to wait . Grade 6 - Girl

  • I really enjoyed learning about HIV/AIDS  It gave me so many reasons to remain abstinent.   Grade 8

Teens were Getting the Message but their parents were not there with them and the culture was getting worse.


We were blessed to influence thousands of young people in America and other countries.  But soon we realized that the culture was deteriorating faster than we could reach out to the Youth.  We knew that for a teen to stand strong in spite of the pressure of sex-obsessed culture around them, they need to have clear, strong, and yet loving support from their parents, educators, and role models.  Clearly the next step was to build Pure Love environments: Pure Love Families and Communities, Pure Love churches, and Pure Love schools. But how to do this?


We set out on a mission to identify how to reach out to parents, grandparents, educators, and leaders who were just as concerned as we were for the young generation and the future of our nation and world. We took a deep dive into message marketing, team building and dynamics, effective outreach, and many other personal and team disciplines – never forgetting that the most influential people in a child’s life are his very own parents. 

And last but not least, we met the Marriage & Family Blessing Movement and lo and behold, we realized that we were not the only one working with the same vision!


So, the Purity Revolution was born!

The Purity Revolution Experience t is built around 4 components:   

  1. Lessons drawn from Ancient and Modern History.
  2. The truth about the causes of the Sexual Revolution in the USA and the reasons why it is still going on.
  3. The new understanding of sexual purity that has transformed our lives and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world ~ from all different backgrounds, races, religions, and cultures.
  4. The receiving of the unique Marriage & Family Blessing based on the 4-True Family Commitments. 


The Purity Revolution Experience is right for you if you want:

  • To strengthen your marriage on even more solid ground.
  • To know how to talk to your children/grandchildren about sexuality with confidence, in a way that is pure and holy - before they hear it from others ‘their’ way.
  • To be able to clearly explain your views on sexuality using historical scientific facts.
  • To build a community that values Sexual Purity and the Sanctity of Marriage more than anything else in the world.
  • To transform the sex driven culture into a Pure Love culture


The Purity Revolution Experience is designed to do 2 things:

First: Reveal the Real Problem (Week 1)

  • the IMPACT of the sexual revolution in our lives, what it has done to us, as individuals, families, and society.
  • the HIDDEN CAUSES of the rise of the sexual revolution.

Second: Show you the SOLUTION (Week 2 - 5)

You'll go on a 5-Week Journey through 5 life-changing sessions.  You'll emerge as a person filled with New Hope, equipped to use the Purity Revolution Experience not only in your personal life, but also in your family and community life, and beyond.

Discover what we are truly up against and the real stakes for winning and losing


Utilizing powerful insights drawn from recent and ancient history – this class will help you get clear on the real problems behind this confused society

1) The Present: The consequences of immoral sex in the lives of individuals, families, 

communities, and the society at large and the cost of our culture self-sabotage.

2) Historical Precedents: Get ready to learn from the Great Civilizations of the past. You will be surprised!

3) Causes of the Sexual Revolution: Discover 3 MAIN CAUSES of modern day sexual confusion. 

4) The New Hope: Discover that, in spite of all odds, building a pure society in the USA is still possible – but, also, that our time is limited

What are people saying about Week 1 of the Purity Revolution Experience?


“An excellent and comprehensive introduction on the topic of Sexual Purity and the need for a Purity Revolution. Very convincing with plenty of data to support the case.”

Bento C. Leal III : Author, Teacher, Relationship Skills Trainer and Marriage and Relationship Educator 


The Purity Revolution presentation helped me understand the importance of creating families with strong moral values and pure sexual habit. I could catch that the fundamental core of any society, no matter how prosperous it may be, will crumble in short time if its citizens indulge in a promiscuous sexual life style.” 

Frank Sanchez : Pastor and Teacher


“This lecture stands out among the dozens of other lectures on this topic. The lectures that I have previously heard usually pointed to the harm what free-sex does to the individual and the family. This presentation gave me a broader perspective.  Purity Revolution Introduction clearly demonstrates how devastating free sex is for the society, for the national economy, crime rate, and the country's well being in general.  It uses a solid data such as anthropologist research and current statistics.  I realized if I care for my country and the future of my children, I should make this information known.”

Natalie Grishin : Homeopathic Doctor and Teacher


Problems concerning human life cannot be solved without first understanding the nature of God.

A clear understanding of God’s motivation for creating is essential to know our own purpose in life.

This class

answers questions like: 

Where do we come from? and why we are here?

Who was I created to be? How was I created to live? 

What is our purpose in the universe? How to fulfill that purpose?

This session shows in a logical no non-sense way that the pure family is the first 

place of happiness and the foundation for a thriving society, nation, and world.


Understand the Problem so, you can Solve it

  • From the beginning of time, a formula existed: exclusive and faithful, sexual relations were meant to be the most beautiful and holy expression of love between husband and wife.

  • Today, love has become so distorted that many people indulge in sexual activities as a casual recreation. Adultery, promiscuity, and prostitution, with their accompanying diseases and exploitation, lead to untold misery and human alienation. 

  • Even though what children are being taught at school can be regulated, the bottom line is that sexual immorality at large cannot be eliminated by passing laws against it.

  • This is the pivotal session of the 5 weeks: the core understanding that everyone who wants to help solve the wide spread of sexual immorality MUST know.


Your Deepest Desire, Your Greatest Ache, Your Truest Longing


Bringing it all together. You see the solution – for yourself, your family, and your community; for your nation and for the world. Through a 7-steps process, you have the opportunity to take your marriage to a higher dimension ~ and experience love as God intended.


“Saving intimacy for marriage was as much for my sake as it was for my wife's. We were best friends before deciding to get married, and I wanted to make sure I put her heart and her future first. I didn't want to lead her on in any physical or emotional way until I could promise to be there for her the rest of her life. We're both very happy that we waited for each other, and for that commitment. The attitude of putting each other first has helped us both before marriage and within marriage.”   

- Ilseuk - Omaha, Nebraska -


“My husband and I were both taught, as we were growing up, to remain sexually pure and be abstinent till we got married. Our relationship is definitely stronger because of it. I know lots of childhood friends who went the other route who now have broken relationships and kids on top of that. I'm sure many factors are involved for every situation, but it's clear now more than ever that staying sexually pure has benefitted my life immensely."

Claire Martinez - Denver, Colorado -

People speak about the RESULTS of the Marriage & Family Blessing in their lives.

People speak about the RESULTS of the Marriage & Family Blessing in their lives.

“The rededication has forever impacted our relationship with God our Father, and those around us. It is the greatest gift we can give to each other and to the community at large.”

Charles and Frances Ballard

Institute for Responsible Fatherhood Washington, DC

“The truth is, Richard and I have endured a lot lately raising our teenagers in this society. We’re interested in what this program is doing about family values.”

Ruth O. ~ Roanoke, VA

“... very emotional and inspiring and we felt a lot of love. We recalled a lot of struggles in the past and we were able to forgive each other.”

Joe an Esperanza H. ~ Dallas, TX

“This is a wonderful mission that the [Purity Revolution] is called to, and it will help all families worldwide to become stronger.”

Rev. Eugene and Virginia H. ~ Perris, CA

“We both felt different, spiritually. We now feel our relationship is closer and more meaningful.”

Darel and Joann T. ~ Los Angeles, CA

People’s RESULTS in their life speak of the IMMENSE value of the Purity Revolution.


While involved in peace projects worldwide, from small neighborhood initiatives to United Nations offices, Peter and Dominique’s teaching remains the same: a peaceful and prosperous world starts from Pure families.


But let’s listen to Dominique herself:

“It is sure that if I did not meet this message of sexual purity, I don't know what would have happened with my life. I am very happy that I could meet my husband and build with him a truthful relationship. Through the Marriage Blessing that we received in 1982, we could strengthen our relationship and kept working for peace through the Universal Peace Federation. Our four sons could also receive the international Holy Marriage Blessing and are now happily married.  We are now expecting our 6th grandchild and are very grateful to our Heavenly Parent.” 

Dominique Dorel Haider – Austria, Europe


Peter and Dominique & their 4 sons’ families

Help Expand the Movement

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