Attention parents, grandparents & idealistic young couples

Are you tired of the highly-sexualized culture?

If, you are, you are being called ...
to rededicate your marriage to God and to a higher purpose by walking through the Marriage & Family Blessing program. 
Here is where it starts:
In your heart of hearts, do you believe in the 4-True Family Commitments listed below? 

4-True Family Commitments ~ From this day forward:

1.  God

As a son or daughter of God, I inherit my divine value by practicing True Love as a way of life. Peace starts with me.

2.  Fidelity

As mature man and woman and eternal husband and wife we nurture our relationship with absolute fidelity. No divorce - no adultery.

3.  Children

As true parents, we are raising our children in a warm and loving environment to be sexually abstinent until marriage.

4.  Save America, Save the world

As members of our community  and peace-loving global citizens, we support all people to achieve this ideal,  beyond race, religion, and nation.

How do you feel? 

Imagine an entire society living this way.

It has already started!

It's called the

Marriage Blessing Movement.

At the Purity Revolution, we know that a True World is possible and that it starts from home.  If we have good families, then we can have safe neighborhoods, a prosperous society, and a peaceful world.  But where does a healthy and happy home start from?  Yes! You got it!  From parents.  Good parenthood starts from the quality of our marriage.  So a loving marriage . . .  that lasts forever is key.

Everyone's greatest desire in life is to love
and be loved. . . forever.

It's a natural and universal longing.  But knowing what we want, by itself, is not enough to accomplish our goals when it comes to love.

All kinds of love exist in the world but that doesn't mean they are all good or true.  We know this because some love relationships end up hurting, degrading, or limiting you.  These and other negative outcomes are not part of the original love that our mind and heart desire.  Instead, people find themselves in relationships that don't bring out the best in themselves or their partner.  However, we intuitively know we deserve a deeper, richer love.

Here's How to Confidently Build the
True Eternal Love You are Longing for

No matter where you are right now, no matter where you have been - in sexual matters we have all erred.  But today is a new day and a new beginning.  Come along with us.

The 7 Steps of
the Holy Marriage & Family Blessing

I looked good... on the outside

It all started on my 19th birthday.  It was 1971.  I was a student in Paris. The Sexual Revolution was raging out there.  In my room, far away from home, I was facing the reality of my life.  Here I was, a student with excellent grades, respected among my peers, and part of a dynamic team of friends.  But internally, things were quite different.  I was lost.  I felt that I was nowhere close to where I had envisioned myself to be at 19.  In fact, I didn't know what my life was about. I didn't know where I was going. I was confused and desperate for an answer.  Have you ever felt this way?

 You see, my parents loved God. They were committed to their family, the Church, and the community.  They were hard workers and very diligent in many ways, but like most parents, they didn't know how to guide their children regarding sexual matters.  So, when the teenage years hit, I had no clear path to follow.  I was left on my own.  Buffeted about by my emotions, I went from one crush to another.

At the same time, I was fearful of the Sexual Revolution It didn't feel right. So, instead of public high school, thanks to my parents' support, I chose to attend and all-girl Catholic technical school.  There, I felt safe. I loved it and it was fun.  

 When I look back on time, I think that God protected me from falling into a promiscuous lifestyle where I would have probably gone, without knowing better.  I never got to be promiscuous because I was not tempted. I can see now, that was the path that God had prepared for me, even back then, so that today I can be with you with this important message for our time. 

An unexpected meeting:

On my 19th birthday,  I had a showdown with God.  In tears, I reached out to Him, begging Him for an answer - and little did I know, He was listening, because just a few days later I met the Purity Revolution: an unusual group of young people - people who were mentally and spiritually clear and clean. 

There was no flirting and no nonsense going around.  It was like being back home.  I was among people I had never met before: a bright sunny island in the midst of the dark raging sea.

Those people were giving lectures and that's where I learned the magnificent value  of sexual purity, not from do's and don'ts - not just from Biblical verses, but from an explanation that made the greatest sense to me.

For the very first time, I understood what life was about, why God created the universe, and how He created us to live.  I was learning the absolute value of marriage and how to prepare for it.  Those lectures, excerpts of The Divine Principle by Father Sun Myung Moon, gave me so much clarity that I started a new life.  I was not confused anymore.

I was learning what I wished my parents would have taught me, but couldn't because they, themselves, didn't know.

From that time on, I wanted to tell the whole world what I had discovered.  I abandoned what would have become my profession and became a full-time missionary, all the while training my heart and character for marriage.  I had kissed dating goodbye, and was free and happy.

A few years later I had the immense privilege to get engaged and then receive the Holy Marriage Blessing to a missionary just like me: one who had taken the same courses and gone through the same training.  We were one of 2075 Couples receiving the Marriage Blessing the very same day!

Masahide - my husband - and I walked through the 7 Steps of the Marriage Blessing  together. This was 38 years ago ~ in 1982 ~ and I am so grateful for our life together.  I cannot say that it has always been easy, but because we embrace the same values, have the same purpose, the same dream, we successfully overcame every obstacle as they came our way.  God has given us four beautiful children, nine grand-children and counting, and we are growing closer to each other every day!

Here's how this program allowed us to build the marriage
 that most people only dream of...

This is our life experience and the experience of many of our friends. However I realize that. . . not many people get the chance to learn what marriage is really about. . .  and I find this sooo. . .  sad.

I believe that the principle of marriage needs to be taught by parents, supported by teachers and pastors, the community and the neighborhood we live in, and by the media.  But sadly, it is not. 

I have not the shadow of a doubt that if I had not gone through the 7 Steps of the Marriage Blessing, I would have been a casualty of the Sexual Revolution.  

And when I look at the culture we are living in today, how highly sexualized it has become, there is nothing more important to me than to share this program with others - especially couples, young and old, parents and grandparents, so that we can raise the new generation properly ~ with hope for the future.

So, I decided to create this page to offer what I have learned when I was a teenager that allowed me to avoid the path of "falling in love" and falling out of it, the path of broken relationships, but instead have followed the path that has empowered me to build the kind of marriage that all people dream about.

And today, we are excited to introduce . . .
"The 7 Steps of the Holy Marriage Blessing" online.

Finally, Masahide and I, together with other Blessed Couples, we  found the way to share this very special Blessing we received years ago and we decided to take it online, so that other couples, young and older, parents and grandparents can benefit from it ... and, last but not least: so that we can, together with them, build the Pure and Prosperous Culture we are dreaming about. 

We know that without this Teaching,  this unique Marriage Blessing,  and the community that we had by our side,  we would never have been able to accomplish what we did on the family level.  So one of our goals, since our children are now grown, was to find a way to give back to today's concerned parents and grandparents, religious and community leaders, as well as to idealistic youth,  looking for hope in the midst of this highly sexualized culture, looking for the one thing that can help them build the marriage of their dreams, raise the new generation with confidence, and build the True culture. The fact that it is already happening is remarkable news. If you have attended one of our conferences, you are aware of it. If you have not, ask me for the links so that you can discover what's going in the world today - behind what the popular mass media chooses to show you. 

Don't go another day without assuring that your relationship is growing. . . in True Love, forever. 

Our highest ideals originate in God, the author of love. It is interesting that the love we all long for, regardless of our cultural background or upbringing, reflects God's nature and heart, which is unchanging, absolute, eternal, and unique.  Yes, our greatest desire is for love that resembles God, our Creator: Unchanging, Absolute, Eternal, and Unique. 

The 7 Steps of the Blessing is a step-by-step process to make this desire your reality. 

The 7 Steps of the Blessing  is right for you

 if you check 'yes' any of the following statements:

What is our secret?  2 points:

1.  The message!  The new expression of the Truth!

2.  The worldwide pure love community that our family has grown together with.

This is a Revolution!  A Godly Revolution that is going on right now - in almost every country of the world - (beyond the confusion and unrests) - a revolution that is moving the heart of whoever is open to the true and beautiful - and ready for a change.  People just like you.

Teaching True Family Values to High School students

2004 - 2007: I was the volunteer parent coordinator of the Ohio WAIT Team

Here's exactly what you'll discover inside the
7 Steps of the Blessing... 

We went through the 7-Steps of the Marriage & Family Blessing  and it Worked!
Our children are empowered by this clearly defined ideal.  This is what they say:

"By waiting for her, I was loving my wife even before I met her. By saving myself, I saved her and our future children."

~ Hiro 

"My husband and I were both taught, as we were growing up, to remain sexually pure and be abstinent till we got married.  Our relationship is definitely stronger because of it.  I know lots of childhood friends who went the other route who now have broken relationships and kids on top of that.  I'm sure many factors are involved for every situation, but it's clear now more than ever that staying sexually pure has benefitted my life immensely."

~ Claire ~ 

"Saving intimacy for marriage was as much for my sake as it was for my wife's.  We were best friends before deciding to get married, and I wanted to make sure I put her heart and her future first.  I didn't want to lead her on in any physical or emotional way until I could promise to be there for her the rest of her life.  We're both very happy that we waited for each other, and for that commitment.  The attitude of putting each other first has helped us both before marriage and within marriage."

~ Ilseuk ~ 

What Other People Say about
The7 Steps of the Blessing

Thousands upon thousands of couples around the world, from all races, cultures, and religions are testifying  of the good fortune their family has received because of the Holy Blessing.

Here are a few testimonials.

It is sure that if I did not meet the Family Federation with the message of sexual purity, I don't know what would have happened with my life.  I am very happy that I could meet my husband and build with him a truthful relationship.  Through the Blessing that we received in 1982, we could strengthen our relationship and kept working for peace through the Universal Peace Federation.  Our four sons could also receive the international Blessing and are now happily married.  We are now expecting our 6th grandchild and are very grateful to our Heavenly Parent.     Dominique Dorel, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Woman Leader in Austria   

"The re-dedication of our marriage has forever impacted our relationship with God our Father, and those around us.  It is the greatest gift we can give to each other and to the community at large."

 Charles and Frances Ballard -  Institute for Responsible Fatherhood Washington, DC

The process of the Blessing allowed my wife and I to do the right things for our relationship before getting married.  It gave us the chance to get rid of baggage, bond spiritually, and connect emotionally before we jumped into a physical relationship.  The Blessing gave us the gift of purity in our marriage.  Best of all the Blessing allows us to walk confidently into our future together, knowing our marriage has God's seal of approval.  He is with us every step of the way and it shows. 

Noah ~ Youth Leader 

I am honestly grateful for having a reverse process. Getting married, then becoming friends, then falling in love. We started with that commitment instead of starting with the illusory highs of infatuation and romance. As a result our marriage is rock solid and always getting better.  We would not have that without the marriage blessing.                                                        Alan ~ Youth Leader, Entrepreneur

My Blessing in marriage to Kimiko has been the most meaningful part of my life.  We received the Blessing in 1982 and have now been together as a couple the past 38 years.  God has given me everything through the Blessing - a wonderful wife, three beautiful children, and most  importantly, a deeper relationship with God and His purpose for my life.  My wife and I pray and read God's Words together first thing every day.  That is the source of our strength, our foundation.  We are then mindful throughout the day to live for the sake of others, as Father & Mother Moon have constantly taught.  

We also realize clearly that marriage and family are not simply for ourselves and our own happiness, but through growing and loving each other within the family we learn how to relate well with others.  Truly, the family is the school of love.  Kimiko and I are now in our 70's and though our physical bodies are getting older our spirits are getting younger and wiser.  We ask ourselves each day, "What can I (we) do for God's Will today?"  Our Blessing in marriage continues to be our great adventure that will continue in this life and beyond.  Thank you, Heavenly Parent, for this great gift!                               - Bento Leal -  Relationship Skills Trainer, Author

 The Blessing of marriage is God's greatest gift to my life. Because of the Blessing I see in my wife the true woman. The Blessing has multiplied our love and our life. Through the Blessing we both feel a resonance with the cosmos. Through the Blessing, we grow every  day closer together. Through the Blessing, we multiplied God's image that has become our image through our beautiful and real children and grandchildren, and generations to come, God willing. Through the Blessing of marriage, we go through our growing pains and our growing old pains holding on to each other, knowing that we are standing on the solid foundation of God's true love that never changes.

 Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President Emeritus of the Unification Theological Seminary

A Heavenly Parent's Holy Community

More about the Holy Marriage & Family Blessing

  Father and Mother Moon have spent their entire lives in search of a way to bridge the gap between God's heart and humanity.  They have striven to reconnect that lineal thread with God, not just for one religion or one people but for everyone.  For this purpose, they founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

 Recognizing that the family is the school of love, and that true parental or unconditional love is what will heal this world, Father and Mother Moon instituted the Holy Marriage Blessing as an instrument of healing and a means to establish a healthy and even sacred model for love.  The Blessing Ceremony invokes God's Blessing on our relationships so that we can be rooted in our original nature - the part of us that is pure and good and true, and from that place create a love that reflects our highest values.

The Holy Marriage Blessing is a framework to purify the corrupted love that steals people's lives, and re-establish the foundation to receive God's original love, life and lineage.  Father and Mother Moon believe that the ultimate purpose of spirituality, religion and faith traditions, as well as the motivation of people of conscience, is to restore truly loving men and women, emotionally and spiritually healthy families and, by extension, a peaceful world.

 "Only when I Love do I attain my true value and find myself.  For a man, it is possible to realize his full value as a man only through marriage.  That means that the fullness of human potential is realized through marriage.  Only by knowing True Love can a man become complete as a man and a woman become complete as a woman.  Completion occurs with True Love at the center."             - Sun Myung Moon -

Throughout the past 60 years Father and Mother Moon invested more time, energy, and heart into humanity than anyone can imagine.  If it was not for the 7 Steps of the Holy Marriage Blessing that they initiated, I would have been a casualty of this wayward, sex-centered society.

So, it is not an understatement when I say that
The 7 Steps of the Holy Marriage Blessing  saved my life!  
What did they save me from?

You'll go on a 43-day walk as a couple ~ with our weekly support.
As you do the work, investing your sincere heart into it, you'll emerge as a new couple,  with more trust and love for each other, with a clear purpose for your family, you will be  better equipped to face life challenges
and will be filled with new hope for the future generations. 

The 7 Steps of the Holy Marriage Blessing

Here's what's included:

 The 7 Steps of the Blessing takes place through 7 Online pages, 8 live-coaching sessions of 30 minutes each through a 43 days period, and a 49-page guidebook.  Each session contains curriculum and strategic exercises.  We've included 2 valuable gifts as well.  

 Each couple also has daily access to their private mentor through private coaching and life access to the community and the content. 

Here's an overview of the 7 Steps and the valuable Gifts:

Beginning a new tradition : Priceless

A new start is essential to a new future, but it needs immediate follow-up or it might fade and be forgotten.  Any life coach will tell you that!

This next step is a practical one.

There are practical steps that we can make to drive home the world changing ideals of the Blessing and bring them down to a personal every day level.

This 4th Step is an opportunity to build our marriage into the relationship God always wanted us to have.

So, we do not start or re-start marital life immediately. We slow down! Because marriage begins in the mind, the heart, it begins with the right decision based on our ideals, hopes, and dreams.

This next step assumes that you are ready to take some time for this.

In this step, you will learn to work together as a team. You will share patience, love. You will invite God to guide your Venus and Mars personalities - which are very different - to serve as living foundation for your marriage.

In this step, we dedicate 40 days of sexual abstinence to God and to each other.

Periods of 40 day appear often in the Bible. It's a time with God that always lead to new beginning. For example, after the 40-days of the flood, Noah and his wife could enter upon a new world. 

By giving each other space and time you will re-learn how to first love each other as God's son and daughter before loving each other as husband and wife.

This is an incredible opportunity for your couple to take a pause from the physical aspect of your relationship, so that you can reinvigorate the emotional and spiritual parts of your marriage. 

This is when you will use the Guidebook.  We will walk with you through this process.

Sexual love: a new precious experience:   Priceless

Sexual relations were meant to be the most beautiful and holy expression of love between husband and wife, the love that is exclusive, faithful, absolute, and eternal.

After offering the 40 days, the act of love itself becomes your avenue to discover love as God intended.  It is your path to the garden of Eden, together.  You will re-consummate your love as husband and wife through a special ceremony that gives sexual love an unbelievably wonderful dimension of emotional intimacy and fosters a deep spiritual connection between you.

Building a God-centered global community  

In recognizing not just individual families, but humanity as a whole, Father and  Mother Moon created this new tradition so that we can live as one family under God.  Becoming couples of True Love and Building True Families is the foundation for world peace.

How has these 43 days been?  Are you grateful?  When you will be there, if your answer is a resounding "yes" we know that you will want to offer a gratitude donation, from your heart, so that more couples, more families, more youths can be reach faster.  All around the world, youths are taking the Purity Pledge and join others in practicing Pure Love as a way of life. Behind the media scene, world peace is being built - right now! 

Make True Love your own

"You must seek after True Love.  You must make True Love your own.  You must witness the perfection of True Love within your own life.  Please never forget that you are to spend the remainder of your life on earth nurturing this seed so that is will blossom and bear fruit."             - Father Moon -

Growth is an ongoing process.  With this fresh new start comes the opportunity to continue on this path of growth together with other Blessed Couples.  While studying the Holy Scriptures with your family or together with us, you will never be alone.  Welcome to Heavenly Parents Holy Community!

Valuable Gifts you will also receive

Valuable Gift 01 : 
Unique Reading Material for personal growth and family gatherings.

 Feed your family's mind and heart, reflect, listen to one another. . . and become one with each other.

Priceless Gift 02 :
Private Facebook Community 

 Where you can ask questions and post experiences related to the 7 Steps of the Holy Marriage Blessing or The Purity Revolution.

We coach only 5 couples at a time (that is for 45 days) 

Whenever 5 couples are being coached through the 7-Steps, we are closing down registration. 


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7 Steps of the Holy Marriage & family Blessing

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