About me



             I believe that everyone longs for one happy lifelong love relationship; and unless we are two, absolutely committed to grow together eternally, we keep feeling lonely; and it doesn’t matter how close we are to our friends and family members; it doesn’t matter how accomplished we are in our professional life, how much money we have, or even how much we love God. One happy love relationship is man and woman’s path to lasting happiness - and to achieve this dream, we must learn the recipe. 


Hello! This is Chantal-Marie. 

I like to share a little story with you and why I came to be so passionate about sexual purity.

My story begins on my 19th birthday. 

I was a student in Paris, France. 

It was 1971 ~ the Sexual Revolution was raging out there. 

In my room, far away from home, I was facing the reality of my life.

Here I was, a student with excellent grades, respected among my peers, and part of a dynamic team of friends. But internally, things were quite different. I was lost. 

I felt that I was nowhere close, to where I had envisioned myself to be by that time of my life. You know, when we were 10, 11, or 12 and dreaming of climbing the ladder to 19 and 20… or was it just me? 

At 19, I knew that something was not right. I didn't know what I was really doing and where I was going. I was confused ~ and desperate for an answer.

But let’s go back a few years prior to that time.

You see, my parents were religious and committed to the Church and the community. They were hard workers and very diligent in many ways; but, like most parents, they didn’t feel confident to teach their children about sexual matters. 

So, when the teenage years hit, I had no clear path to follow. I was left on my own. Moved around by my emotions, I went from one crush to another.

On the other hand, I was fearful of the sexual revolution, which had just started raging out there - not as much as today, but it was already pretty bad - destroying many young people's life. So instead of high school, thanks to my parents' support, I chose to attend an all girl Catholic school where I felt safe. I loved it and it was fun. 

When I look back on that, I think that God protected me from a promiscuous lifestyle where I would have probably gone, without knowing better. I never got to be promiscuous, because I was not tempted. I can see now, that was the path that God had for me, even back then, so that today I can be together with you, with this important message for our Time.

But let’s go back to my 19th birthday. That day I had a show down with God. In tears, I reached out to Him, begging Him for an answer ~ and little did I know that He was listening.

Because, just a few days later I was introduced to, what we call today, The Purity Revolution: an unusual group of mostly young people - people who were clear and pure. Among them I felt safe and free. There was no flirting, no nonsense going around. It was like being back home, among people I had never met before: a bright sunny island among the dark raging sea out there.

Those young people were giving lectures - and that’s where I learned the beautiful value of sexual purity ~ not from dos and don’ts ~ not just from a few Biblical verses, but from an explanation that made the greatest sense to me. 

For the first time in my life, I understood what life was about; why God created the universe and how He created us to live: to grow our character first - and our capacity to love and serve our parents, brothers and sisters, and others people before engaging in a one on one relationship with the opposed sex. I was learning the absolute value of marriage and how to prepare for it. 

Those lectures gave me so much clarity that I started a new life.  I was not confused anymore. I was learning what I wished my parents would have taught me, but couldn’t – because they, themselves, didn’t know.

From that time on, I prepared my heart and character for marriage - being so relieved to kiss dating goodbye. I was free and happy.

A few years later I was introduced to and blessed in marriage with the man of my life; a man who had attended the same lectures than I did. This was 37 years ago and I am so grateful to him. We share the same values, the same ideal; we have the same purpose, the same dream. We raised four amazing children, have been blessed with eight grand-children so far, and we are growing closer to each other on a daily basis. 

Today, when I spend a minute or two reflecting on my past, I have not the shadow of a doubt, that if I had not met The Purity Revolution and studied its teaching, I would have been one more casualties of the sexual revolution. 

Unfortunately, we still live in a society where more and more people are getting confused about sexuality. And those who are not confused are unable to clearly explain ‘why’ sex is meant for faithful marriage only. 

So, the sexual revolution goes on and on. It never stopped! Ready or not, here it is! Sex is everywhere: up into the media’s very fabric, down to the classroom and the playground. While so many parents are suffering trying to figure out their own lives, kids are being taught how to put condoms on - in the classroom, are encouraged to masturbate - in the classroom, and - the last one on the block - they are encouraged to change their gender.

To help take care of the damage, we comfort ourselves by giving money to charities - or fighting over the abortion issue - while the real problem, the core problem, the one troubling us the most is not being addressed. 

In hopelessness, we are witnessing an entire new generation breathing in a cultural atmosphere we don’t approve of – one that is suffocating their very soul.

Is there a solution to this tragedy? Yes, there is!