The Blessing: Step 4
Beginning a new tradition

A good start is essential to a new future, but it needs immediate follow-up or it might fade and be forgotten. Any life coach will tell you that! This is why after the Blessing Ceremony we give ourselves 40 days of space and time to adjust our conjugal relationship by including God in a more profound way. Your next step in the Blessing is a 40 Day Challenge!

The 40-Day Holy Separation Period

Think about what you've just done.  You purified from the past.  You made a new vow to each other.  You have been purified, sanctified, and cut from the physical abuse of the past - engrafting into God's family. 

Remember, this is part of a worldwide movement to bring God back into the center of families. And this is an initiative in America that we are really serious about. Can you imagine if a 100, 1000, or a million families in the United States did what you just did! Think about how this is impacting your children, your future children and grand-children! Your children have just seen mommy and daddy commit to each other for eternity and forgive each other from the past and be forgiven from the past.

 At this point, there is something else we do that is really precious. Think about it right now - you are standing on a totally clean slate. You are a fresh new couple - and instead of going back into the way of doing things - you are starting this beautiful thing: the 40-day Rededication Activity. This is an incredible opportunity for your couple to take a pause from the physical aspect of your relationship so that you can re-invigorate the emotional and the spiritual parts of your marriage.

So, after the Chastening Ceremony, we do not start or re-start marital life immediately. We slow down - because marriage begins in the mind, the heart. It begins with the right decisions based on your ideals, hopes, and dreams. Our next step assumes that you are ready to take some time for this – in this step you will learn to work together as a team. You will share patience and love. You will invite God to guide your Venus and Mars personalities, which are very different, to serve as a Living Foundation of your marriage. We dedicate 40 Days of Sexual Abstinence to God and to each other. This is like a devotion – 40 days of devotion where you will abstain from conjugal relationships for 40 days. We know, it’s tough for the guys -- and for some wives too. Instead of treating each other as husband and wife, it is 40 days of learning how to love each other first as brother and sister. Why is that? It’s because before you are husband and wife, you are actually God’s Son - and you are God’s Daughter. So, it’s 40 days of learning how to really love and respect your husband as God’s Son – first – before he is your husband. And vice-versa. Just like our first ancestors were supposed to do in the Garden of Eden. 

And imagine if you prayed for 40 days and you kept notes:
>  what did I learn about my wife today? What did I learn about my husband today?
> What did I learn more deeply about her today - by not diving in into sexual relation but really respecting her more deeply?
> What sign did God give me? What did I learn about myself today?

You can still sleep into the same room – if you can handle it – but the point is – you are really learning to love each other as brother and sister – to open up a whole new part of your relationship that may have not been given enough time at the beginning – who knows? In any case this is a new fresh start. And at the end of the 40 days - you could choose to share your notes with each other – even exchange journals – kind of report to each other: what did God show me; what did God let me know about you that I didn’t understand before. And what did God tell me about myself that I didn’t know? This is talking in to a whole new level. And after that, after the completion of the 40-Day Holy Separation Period, you will come back together as husband and wife through the 3-Day Ceremony. This is a precious experience in which you re-position your relationship with Heavenly Parent, as God's true son and daughter, and with each other as husband and wife.  It can be really special.  At the end of the 40 days we will guide you how to do that.

Why 40?

Why 40? Periods of 40 days appear often in the Bible. It’s a time with God that always leads to New Beginning. For example:
 > Through the 40 days’ flood, Noah and his wife could enter upon A New World.
 > Through the 40 days fast, Moses could bring the Ten Commandments.
 > Through 40 years in the desert, the people of Israel became a New Nation.

> Through 40 days of prophecy, Jonah brought salvation to the city of Ninevah.
> Through 40 days in the desert Jesus began his public ministry.
> Through 40 days meeting the disciples the resurrected Jesus brought down the Holy Spirit and founded the Christian Church.
> Through your 40 days of spiritual oneness and sexual abstinence, together as a couple, you will start Your Eternal Blessed Marriage.
> These 40 Day period brought forth New Life. And our 40-day Period brings forth Our Blessed Marriage. 

Let’s recap:

During this period of 40 Days, you abstain from conjugal relationships.
> By giving each other space and time you are going to re-learn how to first love each other as true brother and true sister, which means with infinite respect.
We will show you ways you can bring God deeper into your own heart as God’s son and daughter so that you can receive the True Love of God before you can receive the True Love of your spouse. In this way, you will not depend any longer on your spouse’s love for you to be happy; instead you will become a giver as much as a receiver.
> It is also a time to experience and gain more insight into the love God has for your spouse.
> By learning how to include God into your relationship more profoundly, you will shape it in a new way.
> This period is also to pray to gain insight into the Heart of God for your couple to serve the greater community.
> You may want to keep a journal of your reflections, your conversations with God, and your daily experiences to share with each other at the end of the 40 days. Keeping a journal will also help you, personally walk on this path with more clarity for your life.  

Here are some ideas to get the most out of your 40 Days
> Dedicate quiet time each day. If possible make it at the same time every day. 
> Attend a workshop or retreat about marriage.
> Read Holy Scriptures.
> Read about marriage and parenting.
> Volunteer to do a service activity or religious work.
> Work on forgiveness generosity, gratitude, simplicity.
> Pray about dealing with temptations and facing fears.
> Talk with God and with each other about things in your life you want to change, about your goals.
> Make a personal, marriage or family Mission Statement.
> Meet individually or together with your pastor or mentor couple to talk about these things.
Isn’t it amazing how being intentional about the emotional and spiritual aspects of your relationship, even just for 40 days can enhance marriage?

In conclusion:

This period is to help you discover your true self, separate evil thoughts that are constantly trying to bring you pain and misfortune, appreciate each other in a whole new way, and begin a new life as a Blessed Couple.  We will guide you through this process.

The Blessing: Step 5
Sexual love: a new precious experience

Sexual relations were meant to be the most beautiful and holy expression of love between husband and wife, the love that is exclusive, faithful, absolute, and eternal. After offering the 40 days, the act of love itself becomes your avenue to discover love as God intended us to experience it since the Beginning of Times. 

After offering the 40 days, the act of love itself becomes your avenue to discover love as God intended. It is your path to the garden of Eden, together. You will re-consummate your love as husband and wife through a special ceremony that gives sexual love an unbelievably wonderful dimension of emotional intimacy and fosters a deep spiritual connection between you. Experience the act of love in a new wonderful dimension of emotional intimacy, fostering a deep spiritual connection between the two of you ~ as God intended it to be. 

Three-day ceremony
for substantial restoration

Forty days after receiving the Blessing, you need to go through the ceremony for substantial restoration, which lasts three days. This period of forty days is the period of total historic indemnity. A person is given the right of restoration centering on love, not in the formation or growth stages, but in the completion stage. (God's Will - 552)

Adam's era and the era that came after that were both failures. As a result, the formative realm of God's substantial love in the Old Testament Age could not be inherited, and the substantial love of God in the growth stage centering on Christianity also could not be inherited. Only after inheriting the realm of love in the formation and growth stages can you stand in the realm of completion of the Completed Testament Age. The three-day ceremony is a ceremony of conditional indemnity for substantial restoration. On the first day of the three-day ceremony, the realm of the Old Testament Age and the position of fallen Adam are restored. On the second day, the position of Jesus in the New Testament Age is restored through indemnity. On the third day, the groom, representing Jesus, re-creates the bride. From there, you can begin again on the right path. Setting the conditions for indemnity in detail, like this, is really complicated work. (God's Will - 552)

During the three-day ceremony, the people who have received the Blessing are in the position of husband and wife, but one in which the wife has to stand in the position of the mother. As the mother, she must give birth to her husband through love. This means that until the Lord comes, all wives must give birth to their husbands, and Eve who represents women must also give birth to the Lord at his Second Advent. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

At present, there is no perfected husband. There is no Lord, no owner on earth. Therefore it is the responsibility of the woman to give birth to him. Eve was supposed to perfect Adam, but instead she made him fall. Mary was supposed to give birth to Jesus and do her duty as the mother so that he could fulfill his mission, but she failed to do so. All this must be restored. What that means is that the woman must give birth to her spouse as Adam. If he does not become the perfected Adam, he cannot consummate his marriage. Since the providence took three eras, including the era of the Second Coming, the woman has to fulfill her mission of giving birth to three people, through three generations. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

The woman, in the position of Eve, must give birth to her husband as Adam. She must raise him through the formation stage. Then, as a representative of Jesus, she must raise him through the growth stage. Finally, in the completion stage, she must raise him to become Adam who is untainted by the Fall. Only after that can the husband claim his right as the husband of Eve and love her. This is the process that needs to be followed. A confession is necessary at this point. Only in the era of the Second Coming can he become the husband. When he can stand in the position of perfected Adam, he can claim the position of the Blessing, that is, the position of the bridegroom. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

Through True Father, the wife is bequeathed the mission of a mother towards her husband. What this means is that the wife must love in a way that allows her to give birth to her husband in three stages. In order to set the condition for her giving birth through love, the act of loving must be carried out in the opposite way from how it was done in the past. The woman is in the upper position and the man is in the lower position. You should keep this in mind in the act of love. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

When carrying out the three-day ceremony, the woman prays first. In order to give birth to Adam in the formation stage, one needs to be blessed. Only then can one enter the era of Jesus. Then the ritual is repeated, with the words, "Please bestow on me the blessing of giving birth to the second Adam, who is like Jesus!" With the second birth, the husband advances to the position representing Jesus, from where he can reach the position of perfection. Only then can he achieve the subject position of the husband. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

After the growth stage in the three-day ceremony, the man is restored to the upper position. That is why in making love on the third occasion, the man should be in the upper position. After completing this, the husband and wife should offer the prayer that they have become an eternal husband and wife, and an eternal family that belongs to God and that is the heir of heaven. Only then can they truly start their lives as husband and wife. Only when that is accomplished, can they boldly walk into the Kingdom of God as a family completely restored through indemnity. It is that difficult to achieve. Therefore, if you do not know about this, it is impossible for you to be restored. You cannot be restored if you don't know this. In the world today, many churches claim that they will go to the Kingdom of Heaven if they believe in Jesus, but this is total nonsense. They are not going to the Kingdom of Heaven but to paradise. Paradise is the waiting room. (90-134, 1976.10.21)

The holy wine ceremony sets the condition that you have been born through three providential mothers -- Eve, Mary and True Mother. The holy wine contains the blood of indemnity. By drinking the holy wine, you are purified internally, and by wiping yourself with the holy handkerchief, you are purified externally. (19-270,1968.2.20)

From now on, after having completed the three-day ceremony, you must create substantial children. You must pray that you can give birth to children who can form a relationship of heart with Heavenly Father and who can become the priests of heart. I hope that you will give birth to children on the foundation of heart that represents heaven and earth. I always take responsibility once I have blessed someone. We must receive the Blessing once more on behalf of the world. That is why it is a conditional Blessing. The 40-day separation period indemnified the four thousand years of history. The actual married life begins today, the end of the three-day ceremony. Since the day of the Blessing until now there has been a period of indemnity. (11-161, 1961.6.24)  

The Blessing: Step 6
Building a God-centered global community

In recognizing not just individual families, but humanity as a whole, Rev. and Mrs. Moon created this new tradition so that we can live as one family under God. Becoming couples of True Love and Building True Families is the foundation for world peace. Enter a local, national, and worldwide community of Blessed Families with whom you will feel deeply connected in your heart. 

The Blessing: Step 7
Make True Love your own

“You must seek after True Love. You must make True Love your own. You must witness the perfection of True Love within your own life. Please never forget that you are to spend the remainder of your life on earth nurturing this seed so that is will blossom and bear fruit.” Father Moon

 Growth is an ongoing process. Now that you will have made a fresh new start, you will be invited to continue on this path of growth together with us. While studying the Holy Scriptures in your family and together with us, you will never be alone, and, together with others, will change the world.

 > The 3 steps to develop yourself into the person you were born to be so that your new commitment as husband and wife will be rooted in God’s original ideal for the family – the ideal what we all long for.

 > The 4 Realms of the Heart so that you will know where to most focus your attention on, every day, to build your family as the School of Love for 3 generations and beyond.

 > You will understand the root cause of the enmity between husband and wife and the way to restore it – within your own couple.

 > You will be clear as to who God is, why He created humans, what the purpose of life is, and how to restore God’s ideal on earth. I am not saying that it will always be easy, but you will know in which direction to go, and you will have the tools to overcome life situations.

 > You will secure a new understanding of what True Love is, based on universal values. 

 > You will bring good fortune into your family. 

 > You will know that you are building future generations eternal joy, happiness and blessings.