4-True Family Commitments: from this day forward

1. God.

2. Fidelity.

2. Fidelity.

As a son or daughter of God, I inherit my divine value by practicing Pure Love as a way of life. Peace starts with me.

2. Fidelity.

2. Fidelity.

2. Fidelity.

As mature man and woman we are faithful in marriage forever. No divorce - no adultery.

3. Children

4. Save America.

4. Save America.

As true parents, we are raising our children in a warm and loving environment to be sexually abstinent until marriage.

4. Save America.

4. Save America.

4. Save America.

As members of our community and peace-loving global citizens, we support all people to achieve this ideal, beyond  race, religion, or nationality.

Find out what this Sex-Centered Culture is really doing to us, our marriages, our children, and our society’s future & that a Pure Society IS Possible.


  • Do you know anyone whose life has been devastated by this sex-obsessed culture and wish you could have stopped it.

  • Do you stand for the sanctity of marriage but is alarmed by the breaking down of the institution of marriage all around you?

  • Are you going through what seems an endless search for the ideal spouse?

  • Are you wondering why the society has become overly sexualized in such a short time?

  • Have you lost a child to the culture?

  • Are you refusing to give up because you know that with God e-ve-ry-thing is possible - and that there has to be a solution somewhere?


If you answered yes to any of those questions The Purity Revolution Experience is for you.


you are not alone. Every time we turn the TV on or go online, 

provocative pictures pop up out of nowhere.

Within the last decades, new laws for more sexual freedom

have passed one after the other.

If you are like most people you wish it would be different. 

If you find yourselves worrying for the safety of your children and their 

future, you’re definitely not alone.

And unless we find a solution it’s not going to get better.

Isn’t it time for a new paradigm?




1.Teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

"broadcasting was a vehicle for indoctrinating the masses"

synonyms: brainwash, propagandize, proselytize, reeducate, persuade, convince, condition, program, mold,


Here we go, the “Culture” is teaching our children and the population at large

THE LIES they want us to believe. The culture is indoctrinating our children!

The result? Children and young adults are being enrolled into a culture obsessed with sex. Every day!

What is this really doing to us?


Parents, grand-parents, do you really know what’s going on behind the classroom door?


Are you aware that many sex education programs for young children advise that they NOT listen to their parent?

Here is a INTERVIEW with Carol Everett

Former Planned Parenthood sex educator

‘Our Goal Was Three to Five Abortions per Student’

  • We started in kindergarten.You have to break down the natural modesty and you have to separate them from their parents and their values.

  • 1stGrade: we started with small books of 6 and 7 years old nude bodies with diagram showing them how to have intercourse.

  • The 4th grade children are encouraged to masturbate alone and in groups of 4 or 5 of same sex.

  • In 5th and 6th grade: now we had to get them sexually active."

Is this what you want for your children, grand-children, and for the future of our society?

Then we wonder why...


  • Kids are having sex
  • Young girls are having babies/abortions
  • Young men are running away from responsibilities


  • Single parenting is common
  • So many adults can’t commit to one lifelong relationship in marriage
  • Over 50 % of married couple can’t make it work


To solve the problem we must first understand it. What if you had:

When I was 19, I knew that something needed to change in my life.


In 1971, in the midst of the raging sexual revolution in Paris, France, I met the Purity Revolution!!! Yes! You read it right: The Purity Revolution. I was 19.  Today, I can say that the Purity Revolution literally saved my life. From being a confused teenager, not knowing what life was about, I became clear and purposeful. As soon as I heard the Purity Revolution message, I started preparing myself for a successful marriage and raise a family.    


My husband and I have been gratefully married for 36 years. We raise 4 beautiful children who, like us, are embracing the message of sexual purity and the building of ideal families.  But don’t misunderstand me: this is not because my husband and I are super heroes, some kind of unusual geniuses, or coming from another planet. We are not. It is happening only because of 2 very important points: 

1-   The message! The sexual purity message both, my husband and I, were introduced to in our late teens. (If you think that you know it, you don't ! It is not close to what we have ever heard before.) 

 2-   The pure love community that our family has grown together with.


Without the Purity Revolution Message – logical, science-based, fresh, and unique – and without our Purity Revolution community this would have simply been impossible.

As a result, today, while countless concerned parents and grand-parents don’t know where to turn, we are dedicating our life to guide America back to God. How? Via the Purity Revolution. Why? 

Because this logical, science-based, fresh, and unique message works!  


“We homeschooled our children because we wanted them to receive their sexual education from us, their parents.”


We implemented the Purity Principles and it worked. But, while home-schooling I was not at peace because it was a short-term solution, and a private one.

For years, I dreamed of a way to stop the moral decadence of this country. My first breakthrough was when I met the WAIT Team.